About The Prairie Basketball Association

The Prairie Basketball Association is made up of the Prairie Recreational League and the Prairie Basketball Club.

The basketball teams that participate in the Program consist of student athletes (boys and girls) from within the College Community School District.

The program is supported by adult volunteers eager to help with the progressive development of younger players to the extent that the athlete and their families are comfortable.

Coaches and administrative staff from within the school district serve in supportive roles to the program and help with coaches’ clinics, player camps and drills, open gym times, player evaluations, weight lifting programs, and scheduling of campus facilities.

The overall goal of the Program is “to provide continuous and progressive basketball learning opportunities for all students within the College Community School District throughout the student’s elementary, middle school and high school years”.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about the Prairie Boys Basketball Association, please contact us at prairiebasketball2021@gmail.com.

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